Overall there was a lot of useless back-and-forth emails with different staff who all gave DIFFERENT INFORMATION about the situation. extremely unprofessional customer service and i definitely will not recommend this trading company because if anything happens, CS is going to be no help at all. This experience was 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 terrible. All the time wasted on this company and their constantly changing policies (without notification whatsoever) infuriates me.

eToro:投资社交‪化‬ 4+

Although still there are minor issues once in a while, taken over the time 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 the new app is launched we can observe a great improvement on the consistency and performance of the app.
Of course, the switch to the completely revised and overhauled app needed some time to 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 get used to it.
The app is efficient and simple. Well done.
This is valid for 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 both iPhone and iPad.

开发人员回复 ,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us this very thorough review.

We are delighted to read your feedback.

We put a lot of effort into designing a simple and transparent trading platform that is easy to use yet offer the flexibility needed for today's trading needs.

More upgrades are on the way!


Waited 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 over a month for my friend’s and I’s referral bonus and ended up not receiving anything. Customer 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 service dragged the issue on and on for WEEKS such that its been over a month since my friend’s deposit was made (mind you, she met all the criteria within a month of a 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 deposit) And now etoro turns around to put the fault on the customer by saying that 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 she no longer qualifies for the bonus as a month has passed. Absolutely ridiculous considering how they 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 would close my ticket SEVERAL TIMES despite the dispute not being resolved at all.

Overall there was a lot of useless back-and-forth emails with different staff who all gave DIFFERENT INFORMATION about the situation. extremely unprofessional customer service and i definitely will not recommend this trading company because if anything happens, CS is going to be no help at all. This experience was terrible. All the time 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 wasted on this company and their constantly changing policies (without notification whatsoever) infuriates me.

开发人员回复 ,

Hello, 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 we're sorry to read this review; this is not the kind of experience we want our customers to have.

When changing anything in our policies or terms and conditions, we always ensure 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 to inform affected users or update our online resources to reflect that. If you did not receive a satisfying response from our customer service team, we recommend you to contact our social teams via 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 Twitter or Facebook for escalation.


Beware!! I’ve deposit 700 usd to my account, but it doesn’t show to my account. So I contacted their customer support and they told me it’s their technical issue so the $$ doesn’t went in to my etoro account, but they had done a refund to my bank account ( the bank account which I make deposit ) , but yet they just show me a blurred print screen stated a 700usd refund to an unknown account ( which my bank account that I’ve make deposit are not shown ) . I’ve been waiting for 1 week and also checked with 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 my bank , my bank said there’s no such transaction in my account.
Been contacted them few times 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 and they keep pushing their responsible away , they can’t even provided a proper refund statement which included 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 my bank account , beware .

开发人员回复 ,

We are sorry to read this review of us.

As 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 a regulated company, audited and monitored in all aspects of our business we cannot have practices that are trying to defraud users.

Please reach out to our Customer Service or Social teams so they can investigate your case and handle it appropriately.


Yoni Assia :我们正式创办e投睿eToro是2007年,但在2005年底、2006年初已经开始构思这个概念了。我的哥哥作为合作方和我一起创立e投睿eToro这个构思。在13岁时,我已经开始做交易和写程序。在小时候,我的哥哥经常说我是个数学天才,因为在那时我已经开始经常看一些数字、图表和走势图。有一次我们讨论了如何提供给全球交易者一个更简单、直观的平台。有趣的是,这个平台其实融合了两类典型交易者(主动交易者和被动交易者)的想法。我交易经验比较丰富,创建这个平台是为了交易赚钱,并且拥有属于自己的交易平台。之后,在社交平台上交易获利并向其他国家的交易者学习。而我的哥哥并不擅长交易,他的想法是通过这个社交平台去直接长期复制全球其他的交易投资者。因此,你可以看到平台上有很多跟单交易者,这正是e投睿eToro创建的理念之一。在这里,你能看到我的交易表现。

英文原文:We found eToro in 2007 officially, but actually started the work on it probably on late 2005 to 2006. I started it with my big brother. He’s my partner. When we started, I have been a trader and a developer 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 since I was 13. So these are the big passion of my life like trading and coding.最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 When we started talking about etoro, my brother always used to tell me that I have an accountant hobby. I looked a lot of screens with charts and numbers and I did fundamental 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 analysis. And when we started about brainstorming, we asked ourselves how we can make the world of financial markets simpler and more intuitive for more people.And it’s also interesting to see sort of the dynamic between me and my brother hold the two different audiences always on the platform. I built this platform to make money and to have a platform for myself, to actually make money in the markets and learn from other traders. And my brother built this platform so we can actually have access to copy traders and investors from all around the world and invest long term. So these are much more casual investors than much more active traders, but this is where 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 and how we communicate. And here you can see my trading performance.


Yoni Assia :这是个好问题。第一我觉得我是个企业家,创立新的业务和新的想法。其他两类角色都是去辅助这个创业角色的,开发新的科技去在市场中获取利润。

英文原文:It’s a good question. I say probably an entrepreneur first so building new business and creating new ideas. And 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 two others are sort of the way to do it to develop new technology and to make money in the markets.


Yoni Assia :e投睿eToro是全球最大的社交交易平台。平台拥有全球600万用户,这些用户能查看并复制全球顶级交易者的交易。

英文原文:eToro is the largest social trading platform in 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 the world with more than 6 million users who can together see and follow the top traders 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 all around the world.



Yoni Assia :我认为我最大的收获是友情和还有与我一路走来的人。这些人由e投睿eToro内部和外部组成。在e投睿eToro总部已经有5对成功结婚。对我来说,在e投睿eToro我招募了600个员工。我影响了他们的生活,同时,这些人在我的生命中也无可取代。

英文原文:I think probably the biggest achievement is the friendships and people that I met along the way both externally and internally in 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 eToro. So we have now, five different people who got married in the company with one another. And but also, of course for me, I met and recruited probably 600 people. I feel that made incapable for their lives and mutual to my life as well.


Yoni Assia :在2025年,我希望我们成为全球最大的金融机构和金融科技类公司之一,并拥有数百万的用户和数十亿美元的收入。我希望我们能扩大管理资金量和真正打造线上交易平台。现在还没有任何一家金融公司能连接全球的市场。我希望以后能看到更多欧洲、拉丁美洲、甚至其他的全球用户通过e投睿eToro平台去发现复制基金,复制中国的优秀交易者交易中国股票。也希望中国用户能通过平台交易复制基金和复制欧洲优秀交易者交易欧洲、伦敦、英国、美国的金融产品。我希望我们能真正打造一个全球性的市场交易平台,连通全球。

英文原文:I expected us to be a truly big financial institution and one of the largest Fintech Company in the world with over millions of users and over billion dollars of revenues in 2025. And we want us to be able to scale the assets under management to truly build 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 the digital investment platform. And our vision is that still the world is not connected. We want to see more people in Europe and Latin America and entire world, investing in china stocks through etoro by finding top copyfunds and top traders in china. And we want Chinese people to 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 invest in Europe, London, UK, US by investing in copyfunds and managers and traders that sit in Europe. So we really want to build this global market place for money management that truly global and scalable.


eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and cryptoassets, as well as trading CFD assets.

View the eToro Club Benefits or speak to your account 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 manager for more details on how you can join the next live discussion!

As per eToro's security protocols, we do not share our wallet addresses, as doing so may expose our holdings to 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 potential attacks.

Get real-time updates about the eToro platform and special promotions, follow recent news and join 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 the financial conversation on the Twittersphere

Payments are made to your eToro account (or second account depending 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 on tier) by the 10th of the month.

Did you have previous experience with financial investments before joining eToro? How did you get interested in trading?

eToro is active on many social channels, keeping both our own community and the general social media public informed. You can find us on

Yes, you can now purchase cryptocurrencies directly to your eToro wallet with your credit card through Simplex. Read 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 more here.

Jump the line and receive first access to new assets, products, and exclusive entry to eToro's private research platform, offering top-notch in depth market analysis and expert tips on an industry-leading interface.

You may choose from the tokens supported by the eToro Wallet. However, you cannot add smart contracts that are not supported by the Wallet.

What happens if I'm holding crypto on 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 the eToro platform and the value of the crypto rises considerably overnight?

Follow recent eToro updates in a clear, succinct graphical format. Follow our public updates and learn more about the platform and its 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 features

Get notified if the platform is down and when it is up again, receive updates on 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 new products, and get important news and notifications regarding the eToro platform

Investing isn't just for the rich, or only for men in suits. Women are discovering that online investing with eToro can be a simple and satisfying experience.

If you would like to join our next webcast, make sure to 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 review our eToro Club Benefits. You could be eligible for benefits you did not know about!最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易

Opening an XRP wallet incurs a fee of 45 XRP, which needs to be available upon opening 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 the wallet. This is why at eToro, clients need to initiate an XRP transfer in order to open an XRP wallet.

您可以在任何时候使用Neteller、Skrill、Rapid Transfer或Local Online Banking通过电汇将代币转换成入金存入您的账上。e投睿eToro可能需要一个工作日处理转账。

You may transfer coins up to the value of any deposits made via wire transfer, using Neteller, Skrill, Rapid Transfer or Local Online Banking at any time. Transfers may take up to one business day to be processed by eToro.

As part of 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 an eToro promotion, the 45 XRP fee will be waived until 31.03.2019. After that time, 最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 the fee will be charged from the amount transferred.


This ad promotes virtual cryptocurrency investing within the EU (by eToro Europe Ltd. and eToro UK Ltd.) & USA (by eToro USA LLC); which is highly volatile, unregulated in most EU countries, no EU protections & not supervised by the EU regulatory framework. Investments are subject to market risk, including the loss of principal.

最近更新时间: August 16, 2022

BitDegree.最终选定了e投睿eToro并专注于货币交易 org事实检查标准



在本指南中,我将向您全面介绍eToro及其商业模式 - 我们将讨论eToro的一般含义,涵盖公司的起源和目标,看看是否可以确定eToro是否靠谱,等等。

  • 提供复制交易服务
  • 多种加密货币可供选择
  • 提现可能会很慢
  • 验证流程缓慢
  • 首次充值要求较高







此功能非常受欢迎,因为它无需进行大量研究并始终关注市场走势 - 您只需选择一个您喜欢的受欢迎且已建立的投资者,然后选择完全复制他们进行的交易的选项。




由于加密货币的易变性,这被认为是非常有趣的商业举措。他们的价格几乎是无法预测的声誉 - 这使得基于CFD的加密交易对客户非常有利,但是提供此服务的公司(在这种情况下为eToro)必须有非常可靠的业务计划才能从中获利。

似乎eToro已取得成功 - 比起来其他任何经纪人,他们为用户提供最广泛的各种加密货币期权交易提供(包括长期和短期)。


正如我之前提到的,这主要归功于他们选择引入 “复制交易”功能。自成立以来,有许多投资者一直在分析加密货币(尤其是比特币以太坊等更受欢迎的货币)。这些投资者通常相信加密货币的增长,并正在寻找最有利的投资时限